Sad News: We're Closing Our Doors

With heavy hearts, Audrey and I must announce that we have decided to close The House of Compassion Church indefinitely.

This was not an easy decision. During my time as pastor, I have had the great privilege to share God's Word for more than 10 years! I have been blessed with amazing people from the community whose commitment to service with compassion inspired me along the way.

The House of Compassion offered youth and girls' fellowship programs, special teachings in multi-week Biblical worship, and countless outreach events, including regular evangelism visits to the senior center.  I know my congregation worked hard to help steer this beautiful church toward success for God, and I am hopeful many of them will continue God's work by being involved within their communities.

My profession (my daytime job, if you will) takes my family and me to Jacksonville, FL. We will be relocating there very soon. We know this will bring us many new opportunities to share God's Word. You can bet we will. I hope you will too.

Together, we lift each of you up in prayer and know that God will provide as He sees best. Please keep us in your prayers.

Solomon, Audrey and Amanda Jones